Body Art

My best girl at Barnfield escorts of has added a new tattoo to her collection. It is just a butterfly on her shoulder, but I am not sure that it looks right at all. I take her out on a lot of business dinners, and the thing is that my business colleagues may pick up on it. They have already met her, and like her, but if they see that she has a tattoo on her shoulder, many of them may indeed worry about what she is all about. Then again, I may be worrying over nothing. I find her new tattoo rather sexy and would like to kiss it.


She has this thing about tattoos and seems to be collecting them like I used to collect football cards when I was a little boy. I am not sure that escorts should have tattoos. Some of them have tattoos in the funniest places, and it must be a real surprise to some guys who like to date escorts. Tattoos don’t always look nice, and if you have too many, it is like you are turning your body into an artwork.


What about other body art such as piercing? It is also very popular, and I have met a few girls at cheap escort agencies in London who have had the piercing. Do piercings turn you on? I am afraid that I am one of those chaps who is not turned on by piercings at all, but I do know that there are plenty of guys who like to date escorts with piercings. The funny thing is that most of them don’t have any piercings themselves. As far as I know, the girls at Barnfield escorts have any piercings.


I think that some tattoos are okay. For instance, I find a tattoo on a girl’s ankle very sexy, and it does turn me on. But ladies who have had a lot of tattoos only turn me off and I don’t handle it very well. In the past, I have turned away escorts simply because they have had too many tattoos. I have not had that problem with Barnfield escorts at all. The escort agency in Barnfield has a couple of girls with a lot of tattoos, but I know about them, so I avoid asking them out for a date.


I like my women entirely in the nude without piercings and tattoos. Yes a little bit of sexy lingerie is excellent, but I don’t go mad on that either. It is not like I am an annoying person at all. I am just a simple guy likes natural beauty. Barnfield escorts are naturally beautiful, but I don’t mind my favorite girl has a few tattoos. She has so many unique talents that I can’t resist, and I have to admit that I can’t really can’t live without her, and if she ever left the escort agency in Barnfield, I think that I would go a little bit nuts.



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